Top Gear is back

by Volker Weber

As of yesterday, the 11th season of Top Gear has started. It was about time.

I can pull the program in through our sat dish, but if you can't you may be able to find it on Youtube. If you are reasonably quick this might work.


There's also They provide a torrent of the latest episode every Sunday briefly after the show. Seems to be legal as Jeremy mentioned FinalGear in an Interview.

Valentin Woelm, 2008-06-23

At first I thought I read "Fifth Gear", but they are rubbish. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-06-23

Top Gear is fabulous. Very good presenter; allot of humor!

Martin Wettstein, 2008-06-23

Fifth Gear is indeed rubbish tho there are still two good reasons for watching it: Vickie & Top Gear being off air ;)

Valentin Woelm, 2008-06-23

Top Gear has got a really great presenter Richard Hammond, and a really poor one (cyclist hating Clarkson). Shame really.

chris lindley, 2008-06-24

Far easier to watch it for the next week with BBC iPlayer.

Ian Dewar, 2008-06-24

Not as easy as one might think:

Volker Weber, 2008-06-24

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