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by Volker Weber

Death will not be announced, it will be sudden, swift and from an unexpected direction - but not from Salesforce.com

Can't agree with the "sudden" though.

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Many of the comments I read on The Register's site to the story seem to be against Salesforce.com. The quote in the article from their CIO on Notes/Domino losing favor seems to be one taken from the Microsoft playbook, but it's interesting that they say Salesforce.com uses Google Apps/Mail etc. and switched from Microsoft.

With the hosting concept they're trying to become more of a SAAS vendor. Big deal, take a number.

I have to agree with the notion that many have tried to "just convert" Domino apps, and well, it doesn't quite work out that way.

Swift & unexpected? That seems likely, after all, that's usually how such things work out, no? The question what will that be for Domino or Exchange or (insert product name here).

Kevin Mort, 2008-06-24

Heard on National Public Radio today: "The death rate for the forseeable future will be one per person."

Sometimes you have to stop, think, and mutter, "How true!"

Bob Balaban, 2008-06-28

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