From my inbox: Sansa Fuze

by Volker Weber


I am a promotions rep for San Disk, makers of memory cards, portable music and video players as well as flash drives. We have recently launched the Sansa® Fuze™, our new and stylish MP3 player that packs music and video along with an expansion slot that accepts microSD cards.

We wish to send over a sample product for you to review and evaluate on your blog/site.

I will certainly take a look at it. But just looking at the product collateral does not make me very optimistic about this product. It certainly has a ton of features, and the product design is shall I say "inspired" by a certain other media player. But just look at the screen to catch a glimpse of the software.

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It actually got a rather favourable review at The Reg:

Johannes Wilms, 2008-06-24

"Inspired" to the point of matching the iPod's lack of Ogg Vorbis support. Not impressed.

Rod Stauffer, 2008-06-25

That red/pink finish is just ghastly...

Stuart Mcintyre, 2008-06-25

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