Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.1 Update

by Volker Weber


This article describes the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac 12.1.1 Update. This update contains several changes that improve stability and performance for Office 2008 for Mac programs.

You have to read this description and then wonder how the software could ever escape the lab.

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Does anyone actually still USE MS Office for Mac? I've been on NeoOffice so long I can't remember what MS still looks like. I even used NeoOffice to correct a problem OfficeXP couldn't deal with...

Scott Wenzel, 2008-06-25

I use MS Office on a pc and am happy with it. But reading the changelog of the mac version makes me wonder if that program was actually meant to work when they released ist.

preserves spaces between words....the casual user might think that's normal for an office word application...

and let me guess. The Mac version is more expensive than the PC version since it's for a Mac?


Johannes Matzke, 2008-06-25

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