Nokia Push Email for S60 devices

by Volker Weber


Currently only supports POP3 and IMAP accounts. The clients seems to be based on IntelliSync.

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I'm still waiting for the Nokia E71.

Sebastian Grötsch, 2008-07-02

Interesting news as usual - had to try out immediately:

- it wants my e-mail (gmail) password (why not make it work with forwarding or something)
- the phone selection thingy doesn't work in Firefox 3 - had to use IE to get the install-link-sms
- it consumes a huge amount of memory (huge in relation to the available memory of a rusty N73)
- it doesn't work at all - from it's log everything seems ok, but no mail coming through..

The buggy N73 imap client with it's barely working imap idle implementation at least detects new messages every 5 minutes or so..

So yeah, it's beta, but not beta like in "google [product x] beta" but as in "it doesn't actually work yet beta"..

Sorry for ranting :-)

Magnus Haug, 2008-07-02

This announcement of yours came at just the right time...

After upgrading my E90 to the latest firmware, upgrading the Blackberry Connect software resulted in a complete failure of the push email system. Very frustrating.

Yesterday, I tried the gmail-imap-push system. Kinda worked, but kept on prompting for permission to connect when I moved in an out of coverage. Annoying.

Tried this new Nokia thing today. Nice. Works pretty well, but seems to cause greater than normal battery drain. Also, it's not integtrated with the inbuilt messaging client which is slightly annoying. Final annoyance: there's no way (that I've found at least) to mark multiple messages and then delete them. Pah!

John Ash, 2008-07-02

John, I actually like the fact that it doesn't use the crappy built-in mail client. I think it's kind of convenient to be able to actually click links in mails.

Also, you can mark messages by pressing the space bar, at least on my E61, or via the menu (More -> mark) but that is a long way to get a mail marked.

Joerg Michael, 2008-07-03

The phone selection thing was working yesterday, but not today!

Chris Lindley, 2008-07-03

It seems I have to revise my rant; mail actually gets pushed to the phone, but it takes ~20 minutes for mail to make it from my gmail inbox to the nokia mail inbox on the phone. Somehow I expected a more immediate experience..

Magnus Haug, 2008-07-03

..and now I know why the push email can be controlled by a 'push until 5%' and 20% battery level setting - it eats the battery slightly more voraciously than I'd like.

Looks like I really need to get that Blackberry Connect Client working now since I can't do a working day with the Nokia email active.

Anyone got a 210.34.75 and the relevant BBC 4 client on an E90 going?

John Ash, 2008-07-03

@Joerg: Thanks for the [space] to mark tip, that does the trick on the E90 too!

John Ash, 2008-07-03

John, see this comment:

Nokia S60 BlackBerry Connect 4.0 vers. 8.14.1(.SISX, 2,89 MB)
NOTE: You need software version 210.34.75 on your device. This client is for BlackBerry Connect 4.0. You may use the BlackBerry Connect Desktop software for your PC (see below) to provision your phone but it is not necessary because BlackBerry Connect 4.0 is able to perform Over The Air Enterprise Activation.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-03

Thanks for this Volker. I thought I had downloaded all the possible permutations of country and operator from that Nokia business page as the 'correct' one didn't work - there was always a cross through the BB icon...

So, that gave me a chance to try the other push email solutions that are out there - I tried the gmail-IMAP-idle and the Nokia version. I have to say that the Nokia one is a better solution than the IMAP-idle approach, at least on the E90, but it's a little too 'heavy' i.e. too slow and clunky and I think that it must use 3G when available as it tends to hit the battery too hard.

In desperation after a few days, I returned to this thread, clicked (blindly) on your link to the BBC client, installed it and lo, I was up and running! Thank you - I must check where that link points to :)

When I spoke to T-Mobile (UK) support, at the point I was initially having problems with the E90-latest system software-latest BBC client combo, they told me that they were trying to ditch BB as a push email system. Now that I'm up and running again, I'm disappointed to hear that as, in my opinion, it's the best solution of the three. It's fast, unobtrusive, works with whatever type of connection it can get and I can only assume *doesn't* use 3G by default. OK, so it doesn't render html mails, but I can live with that.

I suppose that upon reflection, this shouldn't be a surprise, since the mobile push email 'thing' is the core competence of RIM and the very essence of their product, whereas the other approaches come from 'bending' other functionality to produce the illusion of push email...

John Ash, 2008-07-11

I also tried out a few and found the free Mail for Exchange 2.5 from Nokia to be the best.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-11

hello everyone,

i have just got the e71, still exploring it. Nevertheless. i am trying to connect it up with my lotus notes. i read all related in this blog, however, i am lost in all the jargons used. pardon me, newbie :)

can anyone let me know, is there any version of bbc i can use with my e71? do i need to modify anything? or downgrade or upgrade the os?

please show me the way.

thank you very much.


Desmond Khoo, 2008-07-16

Nokia email application is a waste of time. It no longer is a push email service. This is AFTER Nokia discontinued Blackberry Connect. This is complete failure! Nokia Messaging is no better than the native Nokia client. Nokia engineers should be ashamed. Do they realize that this application is a joke? I have uninstalled this application and installed Seven. At least their engineers listen and actually have feedback. Nokia NEVER answers their forums.

James Sloat, 2009-03-22

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