How to access the App Store from iTunes

by Volker Weber


Just click the image or use this url:

Yes, Salesforce Mobile is on the front page.

Update: The App Store is now linked from the iTunes Store front page.


Jeff is so right... iTunes is Anti-Web

Funny I read his blog post just right after yours.

Martin Böhm, 2008-07-10

Well, the App Store only makes sense with an iPod touch or iPhone. And those don't really work without iTunes. Not good for Jeff.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-10

Hmm, I am wondering: Where are the IBM apps in the App Store like:

IBM Sametime
IBM Connections
IBM Quickr

Would be really great to see this soon.

App Store is imho a great platform to demonstrate innovative software solutions.

ciao marco

Marco Foellmer, 2008-07-11

Volker: I dont' think that was Jeff's point. Why should it be impossible for anyone to see what Apple has to offer without already owning one of their products? Maybe they'd even manage to make me buy one. But not this way - one potential customer turned down, again.

Martin Böhm, 2008-07-11

I understand Jeff. But if you can't run iTunes, you are not going to be an Apple customer anyway.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-11

I can run iTunes. :-) But I won't if they try to force me so clumsily. There is no good reason for them to do so, it just fits into the "lock them in" pattern. If it was just for their device's looks and the prestige, I'd have thrown hundreds of Euros at them already.

Martin Böhm, 2008-07-11

I can run iTunes. :-) But I won't ...

End of story.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-11

Thanks for pointing out. I see where I was mistaken.

Martin Böhm, 2008-07-11

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