Flying under Stockholm

by Volker Weber


it would be equally interesting to see it from a camera *in* the plane !

Glen Salmon, 2008-07-14

I think it would have been rather disconcerting to see that behind you in the tunnel... :)

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2008-07-15

Love the subtle mixing of the soundtrack!!!! ;-)

Andy Dennis, 2008-07-15

Of course it would be even more fun to pilot a proper plane through the tunnel (a Pitts Special might just about fit).

But the authorities might look disparagingly upon such an adventure....

Nick Daisley, 2008-07-15

Luckily there was no other air traffic in the tunnel.

Stefan Funke, 2008-07-15

I say they should go for a flight under Berlin next. The tunnel that runs under Tiergarden, thought the speed limit is only 50km/h.

Bryan McDade, 2008-07-15

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