BlackBerry Bold will have to wait

by Volker Weber

I was wondering which one would show up first at vowe's macgic flying circus, and it's not going to be the BBB. The BGR has a report and gives you are reason why:

It’s now July 15th, and even running the latest build, we’re still pulling the battery out a good 10 times a day. Why? Between the constant java errors, and the BlackBerry completely losing service and informing us it’s “Searching for Network…”. That’s why. What’s sad is that even with this bad-ass 624MHz CPU, we still get slow downs and we still get freezes. Don’t get it mixed up, it is 100% faster than any other BlackBerry. We just can’t understand why this thing isn’t really optimized like it should be. Ah! Because the OS is from 1999. That’s it.

The software isn't done yet, and I applaude RIM for taking the time to get it fixed first, and simply ship later. It's not going to be like the end of the world. This troubles me a bit more:

There are no creaks with the device, and it seems sturdy as heck. The screen could possible be an issue as it looks like it’s a cheap plastic, and the “chrome” border around the body is also a lower-grade plastic. At least it seems that way to us. Expect for the screen to be scratched to all hell, and for nicks, scrapes, and dents to show up on the device body.

This isn't easily fixed. :-(

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Anyway, the E71 is a very nice device.
I love it.

So, from tomorrow on, there will be at least 2 E71 in Darmstadt.

Sebastian Grötsch, 2008-07-15

I seem to remember saying the Blackberry would be the last to arrive.

Ben Rose, 2008-07-15

That is an easy one. The first one, that was the challenge. Looks like the iPhone got beaten just barely.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-16

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