Wish I could buy this here in Germany

by Volker Weber


Dutch licorice - excellent stuff


Just ping me if I need to FedEx some over :-)

Peter de Haas, 2008-07-15

I always thought only the Dutch would enjoy "zoute drop" (Dutch salty licorice).
Pretty much the same as for a Vegemite sandwich I guess: you really ought to be "dinky die" Aussie for that kind stuff. :-)

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-07-16

I've never liked it myself (my tooth is far too sweet and I prefer the english stuff) but you can even buy it here in NZ in the better supermarket delis. Maybe you're the only German who likes it Volker?

Speaking of wishes; I wish we could buy Schneiderweiss wheat beer down here!

Colin Williams, 2008-07-16

@Pierterjan - we eat that here in NZ too. Just like Weetbix, Onion dip and the All Blacks - we get a taste for it as kids and never look back. I I can't say I ever crave the stuff but I've got a jar in the pantry and its quite nice on toast with plenty of butter when the mood takes me. I could also mention Marmite but that would just open a whole can of worms! :p

Colin Williams, 2008-07-16

There's a gradient from northern to southern germany: North of Hannover, you can find Dutch and (even better) Scandinavian Liquorice in any ordinary supermarket. But, south of Göttingen you may run in into dire straits even when you're just trying to find the "adult liquorice" products of Germany's most popular candy brands (i.e. "Haribo" or "Katjes"). Salvation is offered only by some pharmacies who whip up their own ammonium chloride sweets.

Stephan Bartholmei, 2008-07-16

No, Volker is not the only one in Germany who likes them. I raise my hand, too.
As anybody mentioned, here in the south, it is quite hard to get the Dutch "drugs", so everytime I visit the Netherlands, I need to buy ahead for the weeks to come.

Patric Stiffel, 2008-07-16

There is always Kado! They seem to have every licorice ever made!

But ordering from there is a little more trouble than just posting on your website :-)

Ole Saalmann, 2008-07-16

you can get them here in cologne pretty sure. at the bärendreckapotheke.

Teymur Madjderey, 2008-07-16

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