New toy: Nokia E71

by Volker Weber

Nokia E71

The all new Nokia E71 is here. And it's incredibly nice and shiny. I am a big fan of the E61i, but this one takes the cake. First impression: as powerful as the E90, much much smaller than an E61i, same or better build quality.

It's smaller and thinner than an iPhone, and because of it's tapered edges fits much better in my hand.

Nokia E71 and iPhone

Nokia E71 and iPhone

It comes with its own protective sleeve:

Nokia E71

Nice and not so nice: tiny phone charger and USB cable with proprietary plug. Not that I would ever need the cable:

Nokia E71 charger and USB cable

I am impressed. So far the best Nokia I have seen. Setup was a breeze. Downloaded the iSync plugin from Nokia, as well as the latest Mail for Exchange and was up and running in about 10 minutes:

Editor-so-refuses-to-give-it-back-award. I am afraid however, that it has to go back to Nokia when I am done testing. E71 evals are currently in very short supply. Expect a review in c't 17.


What is your impression of the processor speed comparing to the E61(i)?

Alper Iseri, 2008-07-16

as fast as the E90? That sounds nice...

I have read various opinions, but how do *you* find the reduced keyboard when compared to say, the E61(i) and - dare I say it - the E90?

John Ash, 2008-07-16

Much faster than the E61i, and a wee bit faster than an E90. From the top of my head: E61i runs an ARM9-type CPU with 220 MHz, the E90 and the E71 have an ARM11-type CPU with 330 and 360 MHz.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-16

John, I need a day or two to say that. So far, it looks nice. It cannot compete with the E90, because that keyboard is much much bigger. But definitely nice and usable so far.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-16

@vowe: metal or plastic?

Sascha Reissner, 2008-07-16

and my biggest question in comparison to BB Bold:
Will it support BB Connect?

Sascha Langfus, 2008-07-16

The case - what a design highlight!

fanny meyer, 2008-07-16

Second the BB Connect question. Using the iPhone now but looking for a replacement and the 3G iPhone ain't gonna cut it. Trying to decide between the E71 and the Bold but having BB Connect available might just push the E71 ahead based on what I've seen so far.

Kirk Kuykendall, 2008-07-16

My other Nokia phones came with Mail for Exchange and BB Connect on the memory card to be installed by the user. This one only with MfE. There is also no BB Connect download at Nokia Business Software Downloads. I have no idea about future plans, but today: no BBC.

Having said that, RIM wants to replace BBC with the ever elusive Virtual BB. They want to run BB software on other devices than BBs. I am not sure that this is ever going to fly.

I am using MfE and that works very well for me on all Nokias. Wish they had a "mark all as read" though.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-16

Does anyone have rumors when the E71 will be available from Vodafone in Germany?

Sven Thomsen, 2008-07-16

Do SAR values not matter any more? The phone seems to bring several improvements - but the SAR value is up to 1,53 (which is only little under the US limit of 1,53). Then however the iPhone 3G is also well above 1,3, so maybe there is a trend.

Thomas Nowak, 2008-07-17

i like my bluetooth headset, so i (think i) am not so concerned by SAR anymore, am i?

Samuel Orsenne, 2008-07-17

Still no charge by USB? When will Nokia learn?

Stuart Mcintyre, 2008-07-17

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