Nokia E90 E71 E61i

by Volker Weber

Nokia E90 E70 E61i

Please note how the internal screen has suffered on the E90:

Nokia E61i E70 E90


That was a problem of the first E90 model hitting the market, especially in Europe and USA, AFAIK. It was fixed by Nokia, newer models shouldn't have this problem.

Ingo Spichal, 2008-07-17

@Ingo..not a great consolation to the early adopters amongst us. Also, from what I have heard, Nokia made those improvements a stealth release so it was not really acknowledged as a fix by them. Lots of smoke and mirrors to keep those of us who paid ¢600 for a device out of the replacement loop.

John Ash, 2008-07-17

Looks tempting... unfortunately, corporate telephony services currently only have the Nokia E51 as the only Symbian device. Mine should ship in a few days. So far I have been a UIQ user, but this may actually be the beginning of something new. I'll miss the touchscreen though, and also (at least with the E51) the full keyboard...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2008-07-17

Right. I only wanted to point out, that this problem doesn't occur on all E90s.
I agree that the solution is not satisfying for those users with a faulty device.

Ingo Spichal, 2008-07-18

Have you tried cleaning the E90 screen? Mine gets exactly the same marks, but they wipe off.

A good cleaning cloth, like that supplied with my Oakley sunglasses, is ideal.

Ben Rose, 2008-07-18

Dirt wipes right off. Scratches don't.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-18

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