Pwnage will not unlock iPhone 3G - for now

by Volker Weber

Interesting list:

Phone (1st Gen) with 2.0 - Activated, Unlocked & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).

iPod Touch with 2.0 - Activated & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).

iPhone (3G) with 2.0 - Activated, Jailbroken (with  support for third party applications).

Looks like they are currently unable to unlock the 3G which means you can't use it with your own choice of carriers. You will however be able to upgrade your unlocked 1st gen iPhone to 2.0. I was not aware you had to activate an iPod touch though. (?)

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Sounds interesting, especially for people like me who own a 1st generation iPhone.
BTW, are there any links available to download it yet?

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-07-17

Not yet. The dev team is currently somewhat of a tease. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-07-17

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