Three more iPhone push servers. Plus one open source ActiveSync implementation.

by Volker Weber

Exchange is not the only game in town for iSync push mail. There are a couple of other options for Exchange ActiveSync:

  1. Kerio Mailserver
  2. Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  3. PostPath Server
  4. Z-push

What I am confused about is EAS licensing. Do you need one for the server? Does MS even license it to server vendors? Looks like this issue is being completely ignored.


Don't forget CommuniGate Pro in your list.

Pascal Robert, 2008-07-17

Xandros licensed Exchange ActiveSync for Scalix. I'm not sure about the other vendors.

Bob Congdon, 2008-07-18

Just installed z-push on a apache webserver that sits as a reverse proxy on my domino server and can connect to the imap task of the domino. Unfortunately I cannot yet test it because my iPhone lacks the 2.0 software (imported from the US back in 2007 and no jailbreak available).

I still have to figure out how to push contacts/calendar.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-07-18

I just signed up for Zimbra hosting to try our new iPhones out with They're upgrading to 5.0.8 tomorrow night, according to Zimbra's blog 5.0.7 or later is required for full iPhone sync.

Bryan Lehr, 2008-07-19

After successfully pwning my 1st generation iPhone with firmware 2.0 I was able to test if z-push actually works.

It was quite easy. I just entered my webserver address and my credentials and it started downloading my emails.

Some emails look garbled but all in all it seems like it is working.

I am glad that z-push is written in php, so I can take a look what causes the unreadable emails and maybe I can code me a webservice on the domino that can provide z-push with calendar/contact information and code a domino backend for z-push that then provides me those contacts/calendar entries to my iPhone.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-07-20

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