How embarrassing is this?

by Volker Weber

[via Michael]


Tja Volker, so verdienen Werbeagenturen ihr Geld...viel Blender, viel Blabla und viel...Talent natürlich :P

Alper Iseri, 2008-07-17

Ich möchte gar nicht wissen was die Telekom ausgegeben hat um dieses Paul Pot (oder wie der hieß) Video aus der britischen Talent Show benutzen zu dürfen.

Auch ein toller Einfall. Gab es hier schon 1 Jahr früher zu sehen, dem Autor dieses Blogs sollte diese ausgelassene Gelegenheit doch ganz schön wurmen :-)

Roland Dressler, 2008-07-18

"How embarrassing is this?"

Not very in my book. Ads used canned music all the time, not everything has to be a 100% from scratch effort.

What am I missing here?

Kevin Mort, 2008-07-18

Ads do indeed used canned music all the time. They pay the licensing costs, everyone’s a winner, move on.

In this case however, it looks like Mercedes-Benz paid a third party agency to come up with a signature “sound” for them, i.e. something unique for which they (presumably) paid a lot of money.

So it turns out that the sound cam, unmodified, from a generic sample CD. That’s not cricket on the part of the agency (not to mention in violation of copyright law) and MB have paid a lot of money for nothing.

Ben Poole, 2008-07-18

reminds me of Mercedes Benz Mixtapes....

A rip off.... Artists don't get paid by the agency that sells this concept to Mercedes, cause it's "big promotion....bla bla bla"...."be on that mixtape or f*** off"...

Looks like there are too many marketing idiots at Mercedes when it comes to "music & FAIR payments to artists"...

Heiko Müller, 2008-07-23

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