Do it "now" with Lotus Domino

by Bruce Elgort

Organizations that want to leverage the power of IBM's Lotus Domino and who also want to invest in Web 2.0 social bookmarking applications without having to purchase a second social networking stack (read "no Connections necessary") should check out Elguji Software's LinkJam.

LinkJam works by allowing your users to store their bookmarks in a centralized location. They can then see what other users have bookmarked, and what links are most popular. Users don't have to start from scratch either; they can import their existing web browser bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and, Magnolia and Dogear. Users can then add links directly within the LinkJam web application, or they can install the "Add to LinkJam" bookmarklet button into their browser. With this button, bookmarks can be added to LinkJam from any webpage quickly and easily. Click the "Add to LinkJam" bookmarklet, select one or more tags to categorize the bookmark and then add an optional description.

Setup is quick and easy. The entire LinkJam user interface including text labels can easily be customized to meet your company's branding guidelines. LinkJam is also fully integrated with Elguji's popular IdeaJam software. Both products run on IBM Lotus Domino 6.5.x, 7.x and 8.x.

My role in the development of LinkJam has been on the UI design, QA, marketing and documentation side. Gayle Elgort is responsible for all sales related activities and Matt White is the chief software architect. The same is true for IdeaJam.

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