Edit your Google calendar from iCal via CalDAV

by Volker Weber

With CalDAV support in Google Calendar, you'll be able to view and edit your Google Calendar events directly in iCal. Any changes you make in iCal will automatically appear in Google Calendar the next time you sign in (and vice versa). If you use iCal while offline, changes you make will be saved and updated in Google Calendar when you get back online.

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Make sure you check the list of known issues.


Ist ja schon mal ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung.

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2008-07-29

Sure is a significant list of issues... Not sure I'm going to try it yet beyond testing.

That said, it's a start - I'm glad to see progress.

Kevan Emmott, 2008-07-29

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