Orange and BIC launch the BIC phone in France

by Volker Weber

bic phone

  • The BIC phone is ready to go! It comes with 60 free minutes, the battery charged, and the SIM card already in place.
  • With the BIC phone, you pay as you go, with a prepaid "mobicarte" refill card.
  • The BIC phone is easy to use since it focuses on cell phone basics: sending and receiving calls and SMS.
  • The BIC phone pack will be easy to find. It will be sold over the counter, in major supermarkets and local convenience stores (tobacco shops, newsstands, train stations, airports…), and will be available as of the back to school period, at a suggested retail price of €49 including tax. The BIC phone will be sold in Metropolitan France only.

49 € will buy you lots of starter kits in Germany. Not necessarily with 60 minutes talk time though. Interesting offer for overseas travellers nevertheless.

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I just bought a spare phone in france a few weeks back , they required picture id for the simcard.

Guess its a way to help locate badguys/girls if one dont behave

Flemming Riis, 2008-07-30

this is a great idea! haven't heard of it in france so far...

@Flemming Riis: with a bic phone, you still have to go to an orange-shop for the 60 minutes to be activated. the rest is ready to use.

Samuel Orsenne, 2008-07-30

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