New toy: TomTom Go 930 Traffic

by Volker Weber

Go 930

I am pretty familiar with TomTom PNAs. And I have settled for the simple TomTom ONE as my device of choice. It does everything I need. And I am still looking forward to try this top of the line device. Besides all the bells and whistles like car kit for your mobile, music player, picture and document viewer — stuff that I never use — it comes with a few navigation features that no other TomTom provides:

On a related note, TomTom HD Traffic has been postponed for Germany. Should not be ready before 4Q2008.


bummer, got the 920 for 3 months now, it won't let me upgrade to the new map system unless I pay the price of a dinner.

...will end up in traffic jams again.
at least I've bought a european product. phew.

michel platoche , 2008-07-31

TomTom always uses its old style view in the pictures - that's the first time a see a modern view. Do they have this only for the lane guidance or why do they always present their horrible old view.

Martin Hiegl, 2008-07-31

Martin, what do you mean with horrible old view? The 3D navigation map display? I always found this very clear and fast to reckognize. And that's what counts for a directions display.

I'm not sure I'd like to have the above view for all the time. Looks like too much details (read: the trees) are distracting from the important message. This could make sense in urban areas though, if the buildings are correctly rendered.

Oliver Regelmann, 2008-07-31

Michael, I don't understand why TomTom is not releasing the new software for the 920/720 series. Upgrades from x20 to x30 should be all but non-existent. And it would make their customers happy. Apart from the color the devices seem to be unchanged, but I don't really know what's inside.

Updates may be available in the future though. TomTom has also updated older ONEs to the latest software.

Martin, I have to agree with Oliver. I find the TomTom user interface very functional with the exception of highway intersections where you have to look for your track very carefully. Here is where the lane guidance makes the most sense.

However, this is not the end of it. All PNA vendors are working on augmented reality.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-31

Looks interesting. Please keep us updated how/if the lane feature works, and whether TMC is usable (does it have TMC Pro?)

Frank Koehntopp, 2008-07-31

I've had lane guidance in my Lexus for some time now, it's very helpful...particularly when you're driving on the wrong side of the road in Europe :)

Ben Rose, 2008-07-31

I think I told you last time, that your PNA has a pretty expensive car attached.

Volker Weber, 2008-07-31

I bought the TomTom 930T last week. It works fine. I love it. I have tested it in Europe and in two weeks I will use it in the US. I had a Magelan Roadmate before and this tool was really not good. Sometimes the Maggelan didn´t found a signal, so I had to drive blind in France, UK, Italy ... very bad :-(

Hubert Michl, 2008-07-31

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