Creating a mobile hotspot on your Symbian or Windows smartphone

by Volker Weber

I received a very nice email from Steven today with this subject line:

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, danke... (Joikuspot)

It happened because I briefly mentioned JoikuSpot in a post about NetShare. Well, nice words from Steven, but frankly, I should have told you weeks ago when I received this mail from Brendon:

You're a man who dabbles regularly with mobile phones. You've probably seen it already, but thought I'd drop you a line and tell you about Joikuspot. It's a piece of phone software (s60 phones, win mobile) that creates a bridge between the phones wifi connection and internet connection turning it into a mobile wireless hotspot. So cleverly simple I wish I would have thought of it! Their premium edition has just been released. Now if only there was a version for the iphone 3g....

All hail to Brendon! Here is what Joiku has to say about their software:

JoikuSpot turns your phone to a Wi-Fi HotSpot. Share your phones 3G internet connection over WLAN with laptops and iPods. Premium comes with VPN so you can access corporate intraweb and email.

JoikuSpot Premium costs 25 Euro. There is also a free Light version which only supports HTTP and HTTPS. Read the fine print about configuring your browser to automatically adjust its proxy setting.

Both JoikuSpot versions work on S60 3rd Edition devices. For Windows Mobile you need to get WMWifiRouter for 20 Eur.


I have been using this for sometime now, to connect my MacBook to the web with my E90. I got fed up with the rather fussy launch2net software.

It's one of those triumphs of logic-over-engineering-complexity type of products which does what it says on the tin in a simple, effective way.

As soon as there was a product that you could pay for, I prised my wallet open to say thank you...

John Ash, 2008-08-01

I too bought the premium version. The only issue I have is speed. My MacBook tells me 10KB/s :-(

Brendon Upson, 2008-08-04

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