Why you should not trust machine translation

by Volker Weber



You've GOT to be kidding!?

Michael Sedlaczek, 2008-08-03

Das ist doch hoffentlich 'shopped, oder?

Jan Krutisch, 2008-08-03

It'll never be perfect, hell we can't even agree on English in the same country.

It's interesting to note we are in the middle of a major step forward in machine translation from language rule-based translation (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) to statistical machine translation (SMT). The former is based on strict and literal translations, and loses a lot with dialects and colloquialisms, as well as the order of words (Je t'aime = I you love?). The latter depends on tens of thousands of human-translated words, phrases and sentences. If we can get this into the millions and place the engine in the cloud, I believe in 20 years we will debabelize most of the world.

Just my 2 cents.

Rob Novak, 2008-08-03

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