iPhone starts to crack

by Volker Weber

iPhone starts to crack

The left side is starting to crack open. The right side still looks ok:

iPhone starts to crack


Hmm. How long did you have it and use it?

Seems to be a little shorter than the regular half-life period of mobiles. Which is btw pretty disappointing for a phone this expensive and made by a company which supposedly designs better than others...


Johannes Matzke, 2008-08-03

Hm...read a few storys about cracking iphones. All of them were from the newer ones. Is yours also a newer one? How about the first iphone?

Alper Iseri, 2008-08-03

That is a first generation iPhone, as you can see by the metal backside. The second generation have a plastic back, which is reported to develop some cracks withing that material. This one here comes apart where the frame touches the back.

Johannes, this iPhone is being loved to death. It has fallen to the floor numerous times so I am not surprised it is showing some wear. I am actually surprised that it has not died yet. Any mobile device that survives here at vowe's magic flying circus for six months or more will last years with normal care.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-03

I agree with Johannes, on the other hand I must say that my iPhone, purchased in September, has undergone quite severe punishment (mostly in my jeans back-pocket) without much damage even though the case seams are now not as accurate as they used to bee when new.
Let's hope it is not gonna hatch in the way shown in the pictures.

BTW, isn't this covered by the warranty or, even better, AppleCare?

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-08-03

It looks like the casing is slightly bent near the headphone jack. I've dropped mine a few times too and I can see that the frame is also slightly off from the casing - not as much as yours though.
I'm still amazed that the front glass hasn't got a single scratch yet - how about yours?

Hans Bornich, 2008-08-03

No scratches at all. And it is the frame that is "too hight". You can even see that on the second photo.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-03

@vowe: opening beer bottles with a mobile device is bad for the device (even for an iPhone)!

Heiko Müller, 2008-08-03

Is it the frame, who's lifted or has the backcover broken? (I couldn't see it on the picture)
We have had discussed here the possibilities to change battery and we're sure that lifting the metalframe while heating would be a way. So if the your frame is lose - don't worry - a bit of glue will fix it ;-)

BTW: I've heard about a broken iPhone 3G. The glass has broken, surely because of the torsion of the plasticcover...
My 1G iPhone had many hard landings on the ground but was never more damaged than a scratch...

Jörg schneider, 2008-08-05

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