Looks like he is doing it all wrong :-)

by Volker Weber


I thought "he's never going to get that back on the ground in one piece...."

Jason Hook, 2008-08-03

now go fly this in a real chopper :-)

Gregory Engels, 2008-08-03

Wouldn't have thought that physically possible …

Stefan Tilkov, 2008-08-03

How many innocent Mini-Choppers lost their mechanical life while training?

Hans Giesers, 2008-08-03

Probably a lot. afaik he's the current world champion in RC helicopter flying. this video is from an older performance though.

Johannes Matzke, 2008-08-03

My kids recently asked me to go with them to a nearby airfield for model aircrafts and choppers for their first time. What we saw was this guy (german website article) doing some training. Very impressive

Peter Schneider, 2008-08-03

I assume this guy has a job with either a film studio/stunt company or consulting for the military (or could get a job doing either with no problem).

Kevan Emmott, 2008-08-04

I'm looking for this guy when I fly to the Hamptons on Friday.

Eric Hancock, 2008-08-06

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