Removed from Domino 8.5.0

by Volker Weber

We are planning to deliver the directory independence and Lotuscript editor pieces during 2009 in 8.5.x releases. Those are, ironically, the two deferred features versus what was shown at Lotusphere. Neither is dropped altogether, just coming later.

"Directory independence" allows you to put your Notes/Domino users into Active Directory instead of the Domino directory. Maybe you can even use other LDAP directories.

The new Lotusscript editor was the feature that got the most applause during the Lotusphere 2008 opening session. Looks like they can preview it again at Lotusphere 2009.

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Or you can preview the Lotusscript editor right now it in DDE 8.5 beta. Switch to the Java perspective, Window->Open Perspective->Other->Java, and then open a Lotusscript script library, preferably one with classes (the CoreEmailClasses script library in the mail template is a good choice). Note that the script libraries are presented as *.lss "files". Apparently, it's not implemented for Agents and other designer elements just get the DXL.

The editor works but is clearly not ready for beta. The outline view is there too..minus a scroll bar.

Dan Sickles, 2008-08-05

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