Underwater Love

by Volker Weber

Ben shows off the waterproof Sonos controller. I would recommend though you don't try that with your own gear. I did not.


You didn't even test this with the 'demo' unit that you got?

I would have definitely tried it. If it broke, sent it back with a bad review.

Bryan McDade, 2008-08-06

No, I try to not break review gear. It should be back at Sonos now safe and sound.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-06

It's officially splash proof and this certainly wouldn't be covered by a warranty, although I've successfully done it with both controllers.

Now people will understand why I let the wife take it in the bath :P

Ben Rose, 2008-08-06

Can you point us to that video as well?

Volker Weber, 2008-08-06

Was this modded in any way, or is this a default controller? If it resists water that well I'll start using it in the hot tub. Been avoiding it to this point...


John Roling, 2008-08-07

It's a standard controller, I've successfully drowned more than one but it is strictly at your own risk.

Obviously ensure the rubber charging plug is secure before attempting.

The main issue you would have in a hot tub may be the depth. I've successfully dunked it in a sink of warm soapy water but at depth pressure on the seals will increase.

If you were to drop it in the hot tub, grab it before it sinks ;)

Alternatively, it will work within a ziplock bag or a purpose built waterproof bag...


Ben Rose, 2008-08-07

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