Secure your Thinkpad R400 for $0.00

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Sascha]


Price does not include tax. :-)

Adalbert Duda, 2008-08-06

I cannot find an order button :-(

Thorsten Ebers, 2008-08-06

Welcome to Lenovo Hell. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-08-06

there is no "Checkout" button in the end

Gregory Engels, 2008-08-06

Yes no Checkout button. Because if it would have one i would really like to test how they react.

Thomas Schulte, 2008-08-06

There was a similar problem on last year, they offered a great laptop computer for like 20$. I ordered three of them, but after two days they sent me a mail and explained this was just a float point problem... Too bad.

Nico Kaiser, 2008-08-06

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