The First $1000 iPhone Application

by Volker Weber


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You didn't really bought that, didn't you??

Cyril Gabathuler, 2008-08-06

I bought it for him.

Bruce Elgort, 2008-08-06

Wow, my Nokia E90 is rich too...shame I don't have a second camera to hand!

Ben Rose, 2008-08-06

Well, I could "programm" this application and make it look the same and sell for $500 in AppStore :-)

Christian Müller, 2008-08-06

But then it would only be half as good. Like Ben's cheap Rolex.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-06

Oops - Someone bought it by mistake and isn't happy.

Chris Coates, 2008-08-07

Yeah, "thinking it was a joke". Can you guess the nationality where adults claim protection for stupidity? It is NOT a scam. It does exactly was it says, and it costs exactly what is listed.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07

I say good luck to the author, what a brilliantly simple idea!

Ben Poole, 2008-08-07

When you gave me the link I first did not believe it. How can somebody be so stupid...

Alper Iseri, 2008-08-07

Looks like it's already been pulled.

Chris Coates, 2008-08-07

Sure, it's stupid to click that button. But if you throw enough users at it, it's pretty much guaranteed that someone will click it without thinking.

Timo Stamm, 2008-08-07

Indeed. That is why you must create software for as big a market as possible. You should be able to make a living if not a killing by selling to idiots who have no idea what they are buying.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07

Looks like 8 were sold before it got pulled

Chris Coates, 2008-08-08

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