Cute Blonde 18 Year Old Babysitter

by Volker Weber

When is your kid too old for a babysitter that happens to be a smokin hot blonde 18 year old?

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The mom, Molly Hagan, is very familiar to me. She's been in a bunch of TV shows here in the US.

Very kewl.

Rocky Oliver, 2008-08-07

Interesting Concept ;-)

Frank Dröge, 2008-08-07

Hmmm... decided not to follow the link at work, but now it's broken :-(

Richard Schwartz, 2008-08-08

i just found it at

Mike Hancock, 2008-08-08

Great Idea.
"Wouldn't it be easier to call a prostitute?
That's disgusting."

Chris Frei, 2008-08-08

Try this link:

Sebastian Botz, 2008-08-09

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