Securase: Erase NSF Database Security

by Volker Weber

SysTools Securase will easily remove local security settings from local Lotus Notes NSF database. Remove local security from NSF database showing "You are not authorized to access that database." error.

Won't help you with locally encrypted databases I guess.

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Hm, its very nice to see how companys try to get money...

Since R7 all local replicas or new created DBs are encrypted by default ;-).

Bernd Webster, 2008-08-08

Well, if you still have the that encrypted the database and have only been locked out by the ACL, things would look different.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-08

Um. If we're only talking about clearing the 'enforce access control flag', there's a utility on Trip's blog that does this for free.

Yes. I locked myself out of something important.. (blush).

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-08-08

Copy database to server. Activate Full Access Administration. Open database and change settings. Done.

Richard Schwartz, 2008-08-08

I think Full Access Administration also works if you enable it on "local" using the Admin client.

Henning Heinz, 2008-08-08

or use the good old one Admin ACL 2 from the Lotus Sandbox

Gregory Engels, 2008-08-08

I wonder how many people pay the $69 for a tool that Rich, Gregory, and Bill have solutions that are free. That is, if you know where to look or whom to ask.

Gregg Eldred, 2008-08-08

Those persons who bought the "I am rich" iPhone application ;-)

Karsten Lehmann, 2008-08-08

Everyone doing Notes dev / admin has a utility for removing the consistent ACL thingie, surely? Still, good luck to the authors of this tool…

Ben Poole, 2008-08-09

It won't be Notes dev/admin who pay for it. They are the minority of Notes users anyway.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-09

Mit Hilfe eines HEX-Editors kann die ACL zurückgesetzt werden (Default = Manager). "Frhed" ist ein solcher Editor, der als Freeware (GNU General Public License) downgeloaded und genutzt werden kann. Damit öffnet man die "abgeschlossene" NSF-Datei und lässt sich den Bereich zwischen 0x16c und 0x1a7 anzeigen.
Mit dem Editor werden nun alle Werte dieses Bereichs auf 00 gesetzt und die Datenbank ist wieder "aufgeschlossen".

Claus Bäumler, 2008-08-09

Right, an admin - or developer - (decent one) won't pay for it.

Come on, let's quote the fun bits!

"SysTools Securase do not allow..."
"and install the software which lets you to remove"
"your activation key will be send at the end of the purchase process"

Rob Novak, 2008-08-11

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