HitMeLater: A Snooze Button For Your Email

by Volker Weber

Just forward any email to 24@hitmelater.com and we'll resend it to you 24 hours later.

You can replace "24" with any number or day. For example, forward it to 4@hitmelater.com and you'll get it back four hours later. Send it to wednesday@hitmelater.com and we'll send it back to you the first Wednesday morning after today.

That should also work just nicely as a spam relay.

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Wenn man Outlook nutzt, kann man eine solche Funktion dank Clearcontext installieren. Diese Software ermöglicht e-Mails zurückzustellen.

Nach einer vorgegebenen Zeit erscheinen Nachrichten, wie neue Mails, im Posteingang.

Phil v. Sassen, 2008-08-14

That should also work just nicely as a spam relay.

Got it in one.

Difficult to see how they can avoid massive abuse.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-08-14

The pictures of Motley Crue on their blog do a lot to convince me that it's a trustworthy service.

Richard Schwartz, 2008-08-14

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