Formula Student

by Volker Weber

Motion blur. Emotion blur. Focal length 85mm, aperture f/14.0 , shutter 1/50.

Last week I visited Formula Student Germany on the Hockenheim race track again and shot 700+ frames. The cars are fast, and shooting them at 1/8000 does not do them justice. I'd rather live with the blur.


best car, unfortunately not in the competition.

Timo Stamm, 2008-08-14

Aww. I saw the HAWks team a few times working on the car (as my father used to work in the department at the HAW). I always thought "wow, I wished my own university department would have had such a cool possibility for a project", unfortunately these are rare in environmental technologies :)

Jan Krutisch, 2008-08-14

Too bad that there is no picture of the TU Darmstadt car.

Since i'm friends with one of the team members and did some photos at the official presentation i have to link the website here ;-)

They were rather unlucky during the dynamics; during the autocross they were slowed down by the accident of the car in front of them and during the endurance by oil on the track.

Stefan Opitz, 2008-08-15

Sehr schönes Auto. Leider sieht man nur den Popo.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-15

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