Google Maps outdone in many places

by Volker Weber

Frank Sautter has written a nice application that lets you compare Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, The Free Wiki World Map, by overlaying one map with the other and providing a transparency slider:


Bodenseepeter lists ten places where OpenStreetMap outshines Google Maps.

[via Robert Basic]

Here is our area on both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. The difference is not as striking as on Peter's examples, but Google Maps is a lot less accurate. If OpenStreetMap is lacking in your area, why don't you just complete it?




Thanks Vowe for the heads up, I have not known about OSM before. It is right easy though, to find 10 places where Googlemaps outperform OSM. For example in Moscow, where I just returned from - Google have every house outlined with the number and all, OSM barely knows all the streets. Anyway as it surely will improve steadily it will eventually replace the my daily usage of Goggle Maps

Gregory Engels, 2008-08-25

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