iPhone: Can't hear through the receiver or speakers?

by Volker Weber

I had an interesting problem today. A call came in, but I could not hear the caller. My first reaction was that I thought the iPhone had crashed. So I reset it, but to no avail. The speaker did not make any sound. Then I noticed something strange. Whenever I would adjust the ringer volume the iPhone would display this message:

Notice the headphone? Apparently the iPhone thought I had my headphones plugged in, so it shut off the speaker. Here is an Apple support document describing how to resolve the problem.

I plugged in the headphones, removed them, and everything was fine. But later, I had the same problem again. Same procedure, and everything was fine. I think there is dust or lint inside the headphones jack. Will investigate in daylight.


I've had the same problem with my aging Powerbook several times. Others too. I image it would be a lot more irritating on a phone.

Timo Stamm, 2008-08-26

I had a same problem - no sounds from iPhone.
I read all the forums and support documents, tried the "technick" you described - nothing.
Restarted tens of times. I was desperate (it is my wife's phone) and finally found a simple solution - load default settings! It is working fine now.

goran angelov, 2008-08-29

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