Amazing photos - all taken with a mobile phone

by Volker Weber

Photo Heiko Hebig

Travel notes: Heiko is on vacation and he is shooting photos along the way, uploading them to Flickr. He is not carrying a camera though. Instead he is just using his mobile phone. You would expect crappy pictures, but that is not the case. Two reasons: Heiko "sees" good photos. And he has a Nokia N82. Great camera with a phone attached to it. :-)

Click the photo for a slideshow.


Wtf ... there are camera phones out there that do these kind of pictures? *throws away his iphone milky cam*

Sebastian Herp, 2008-08-29

Indeed, Heiko is a really good photographer. Bit even from the technical perspective the photos are amazing: some have real depth of field - how did he do that with a tiny sensor chip?

Moritz Petersen, 2008-08-29

Combine it with Sportstracker and the geotagging feature, you will be amazed. One of the reasons why I am using the N82...

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2008-08-29

Wow, he is a really good photographer.

Mariano Kamp, 2008-08-29

Here's another guy who does incredible pics with his mobile. "Klausthebest" uses his N95 to take incredible pics - usually of the Genoa region in Italy.

Take a look!


Stephen Bailey, 2008-08-29

thx for the post and the nice comments! i am just using the n82 camera settings and play around with them before taking a pic. no after effects or edits. macro mode adds some depth where needed.

heiko hebig, 2008-08-30

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