Everything you ever wanted to know about your Sonos network

by Volker Weber

Open a Desktop Controller and look at "About". Write down the IP address of one of your players. Now open a browser and use this URL, replacing with your IP:

The network matrix is interesting since it shows you the mesh network.


Whilst the Network Matrix is very useful, a detailed description on its full functionality would be much more so.

For example, coloured squares within the matrix indicate that the components referenced by them are connected wirelessly and the inbound and Outbound rates should be over 18 for a reasonable wireless connection.

in the /sbin/ifconfig, Br0 seems to refer to the current Network connection, regardless of whether it is the wired or wireless link. I would be fascinated by a detailed description of what all the information means and it would be invaluable to my customers.

Jason vaughan, 2012-01-04

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