When will Notes 9 ship?

by Volker Weber

Since Notes 9 was mentioned today, I have to ask, what is your expectation for a Notes 9 ship date? Assuming 8.5 comes out 4Q08. My money is on 2011.


Notes 9 will appear in 2010 and will be renamed to Lotus Approach :-).

Bruce Elgort, 2008-09-08

2011 would be about right. Q1 I would guess.

Paul Mooney, 2008-09-08

My guess is a Public Beta for LotusSphere 2011 and a rename to IBM Lotus Forms Portal for Websphere (J2EE edition), later renamed to IBM Domino Forms Portal for Websphere/DB2 (J2EE edition) and then later (reluctantly) renamed Lotus Notes

Peter Presnell, 2008-09-08

What about Workplace ? Nobody has yet mentioned Workplace. How about IBM Lotus Workplace Collaborative Application and Messaging Framework ?

Dave Hay, 2008-09-08

For some time, we are evaluating switching to Lotus Notes from a mail and collaboration system we put together on our own.
Reading blogs like this, Ed Brill's and some other forums discussing Notes and Domino, I see bashing Notes and IBM all the time. Client bloated and slow, IBM unresponsive and ignoring community requests, platform independence just an empty promise, license model intransparent, too expensive, Notes as trojan horse for WebSphere, slow release cycles, etc.

No matter how impressive the feature set and concept of Notes are, I'm just wondering if we should just stop thinking about investing in Notes if this software and its company causes so much frustration within its own community.

Peter Daum, 2008-09-08

@Peter Daum - we only bitch and moan because we care for it so much.

Colin Williams, 2008-09-08

@ Peter

Notes does not have to be a trojan horse for websphere. You need a reason to go with websphere (and a good one at that). Not to mention deep pockets.
Slow release cycles??? Now c'mon... their release cycles are impressively fast compared to other products.
Cost? If you use Notes for mail and applications, and use it right, I find it hard to think you would not get excellent return on investment.
License model.... well I will give you that one - they do know how to make it complicated!

As for frustration in the community - the apple forums are a lot worse (from what I have seen) and many of those guys are very passionate.

Any - I will don the flameproof underwear for being a "fan boy"

Paul Mooney, 2008-09-08

According to the roadmap of IBM: 2010.

However: information is due to change without notice at IBM's discretion...

Don van Zijtveld, 2008-09-08

I think it is a healthy sign that users can be objective and critical about their platform/tools, and not only are fanboys.
I wonder if you have been reading the same blogs as I. Sure, there are critics about Notes 8.0 being bigger and slower than 7.0 (not surprising, when it is now built on Eclipse), but as you probably seen, the 8.0.2 release seems to be close to 7.x in performance.

IBM have been pretty responsive, as far as I can tell, when it comes to suggestions from the community. Just look at Mary Beth Raven's blog.

"Too expensive"? I think the consensus is that the Notes/Domino stack is much cheaper (licensing, TCO and hardware) than other alternatives.
Slow release cycles was true 6-7 years ago, but now, with the new agile development, we can expect new major releases every 18 months or so.

"Trojan horse for WebSphere" is something new. Yes, there are discussions about the future development of Lotusscript and the strengthening of Java in Notes, but that is just an example of IBM actually polling the community and letting them provide feedback. And Bob Balaban, who just posted about this the other day, is not at Lotus anymore. But I am sure IBM/Lotus keep up with comments on different blogs.

If you think about the earlier comments to this blog entry, I think it is more a way of making fun of Lotus, and their naming convention a few years back. :-)

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2008-09-08

Bruce, I heard it was 2010 too, but it will be called Lotus Magellan because it can take you anywhere you want to go, and you can find anything you need ;^ )

Sean Harris, 2008-09-08

@Peter - try comparing Lotus to Mirosoft:
The release cycle is far more horrible (how long was it between Exchange 2003 and 2008?), it need a complete rip and replace every time you trying to upgrade, if you have developed something collaborative on it, it will break and even worse the functionality you app is relying on will not be in the product anymore.

It is a trojan for new server versions of Windows, Sharepoint, Infopath, SQL Server and a whole bunch of other servers (you have to touch everything (and I mean really everything) in your enterprise in order to run it properly.

Well, and yeas Outlook client is also platform independent (I've heard M$ rep saying that) - it runs on W2k, w2k3, xp, vista professional, vista ultimate and so on.

Oh, and Microsoft licensing Model might be more straight forward when you start looking, but then you need to be an ph.d. in licensing, if you don't aim for a complete rip-off.

my 2 €

Gregory Engels, 2008-09-08


1. There's a roadmap. and only sometimes do IBM swerve from it, usually for good reasons. MS? Exchange on SQL Server ? Still Waiting.

2. No marketing. Our little yellow sweaty horrible claustrophobic bubble is responsible for IBM retaining 100m + Notes customers. In spite of IBM. And we get no thanks. Hence the bitching.

You think this is harsh? You should listen to the crap I give folks within IBM.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-09-08

@ Peter

IBM/Lotus and the Lotus user community are a family, (I will grant you at times a somewhat dysfunctional family), however if we all didn't care we wouldn't bother participating.

It's interesting that you view these blogs & forums as IBM bashing and indicative of a critical and negative user base, wheras I see them as tough love. However, I and many others in the user community see this as a healthy exchange of opinions.

However, I agree totally with your comment about pricing. I have been comfused by the IBM pricing model ever since IBM bought Lotus in 1995.

Ian Randall, 2008-09-09

Just stop all this baseless speculation will you, I’m getting my pants in a bunch.

Ben Poole, 2008-09-09

IBM has only one future:

and the later it arrives there, the more it will have lost.

Marky Goldstein, 2009-10-31

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