Great iPhone app: Air Sharing

by Volker Weber

David sent me this great tip:

Avatron Software is proud to present Air Sharing, the easiest way to take your documents with you and view them on the go. Air Sharing is now available on the App Store! Air Sharing’s regular price is US$6.99. But don’t miss this special introductory offer: For the first two weeks, Avatron Software will be giving Air Sharing away for FREE!

What does it do? It lets you connect to your iPhone (or iPod touch) over WiFi and drag&drop files to and from the device. Since it uses WebDAV, it works on all platforms, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Once you have the files on the iPhone, you can browse them. Works with all supported file formats, including PDF, Office and iWork. Recommended!

More > (iTunes link)


I thought the win admin program was the best, use the vpn, control servers, shut them down, start a real lotus notes client, works well even on edge! It is windows only, but they have a VNC version as well.

Mark Hughes, 2008-09-09

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