DRM: Customers are fighting back

by Volker Weber


Electronic Arts has released the much anticipated game Spore, and customers are balking at their DRM regime. Kernel drivers you can't uninstall, mandatory registration, you name it, they have it. How do you fight back? With bad evaluations on Amazon. UK Amazon went so far as to delete all of them. That won't work well. It just pisses customers off even more.

Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer


The customer sales rank is #1 in video games. So the reviewers are just putting of steam. They still buy it.

Oliver Stör, 2008-09-09

This is bullshit. (I mean the ratings at Amazon). I bought it, I really like it. The first two days the registration server was broken down, so I could not register, and was perfectly able to play the game in local mode without registration. But, I didn't got any new online content created by others this way - not that that was a real problem, I had 20 or so creatures made by me and my kids on my harddisk, and 1500 or so made by EA already shipped with spore.

The game makes much fun, and what I like the most - it is the first game I encounter where you can play an perfect pacifist - never kill or conquer anyone at all, but solve all issues with diplomacy - not spilling a single drop of monster blood.

See my creations at sporepedia

Gregory Engels, 2008-09-10

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