The Treo Pro has landed

by Volker Weber


The Treo Pro has finally landed at vowe's magic flying circus and I wanted to give you a few first impressions.

Palm is doing a lot of things right. First the packaging: whoever designed that box owns an iPhone. :-) Same heavy cardboard, presenting the device in a solid clear plastic shell when opened. Innovative packaging underneath which separates the cables and things with paper instead of plastic. Well done.

The battery is pre-charged. Same size as with all the new phones, from Bold all the way to the Eseries. A flat 1500 mAh goodness. No more proprietary plugs: 3.5mm jack and micro-USB (not mini-USB) as on the E71. I can use the Nokia data cable to charge it. That's good. Can't even charge the Nokia with that cable.

As you can see, the Treo is smaller than the Bold and bigger than the Nokia. That's also good. Finally a 2008 design from Palm. So far I like it. Now I can start bitching about Windows Mobile. :-)


320x240 for treo und nokia is a bit outdated.
Even the Nokia E60 got more.

pierre kerchner, 2008-09-11

@vowe: Do you think that Palm is doing a good job trying to stay relevant? Their Centro is supposedly one of the more popular low-end smartphones in the US. They have released the 800W and now the Pro. I know that the iPhone and RIM get the majority of the marketshare, but does it look like Palm will be able to stay viable with these offerings? It looks to me like that are finally getting serious and are building on their strengths. Your thoughts?

Gregg Eldred, 2008-09-11

screen is 320x320, and for the size makes it a higher dpi than the iPhone

(I'm quoting someone else on that second point, didn't do the math myself.)

Craig Boudreaux, 2008-09-11

Pierre, check your facts.

Gregg, tough call. Centro was/is good for Palm. But frankly, I don't know where Palm is heading. Selling HTC devices with WiMo unter the Treo brand is only an interim strategy. Currently they seem to be losing carrier support in the US. Nobody was interested in the Pro. And it is quite a WiMo device.

It remains to be seen if Palm can get developers interested in the new platform they are building. They can neither survive on a WiMo nor Palm OS. Will they deliver? Yes, they will. And then ask me again.

Volker Weber, 2008-09-12

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