Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy

by Volker Weber

Dropbox just came out of "invitation only" mode. Have been using it for a week or so, and I am very satisfied.

Dropbox is supported on 32/64-bit Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX Tiger and Leopard, as well as Ubuntu 7.10+ and Fedora Core 9+. We've also had users report success running on OpenSUSE 11, Arch Linux, Gentoo as well as several other distributions of Linux. Dropbox also supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. While Dropbox may work just fine on other platforms, we don't "officially" support these yet.

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I'm using it since some months. It's really great to make personal files available on multiple PC's and the web. But also if you like to share files with your family or with other peoples within an association for example Dropbox helps to get things done.

Thomas Lang, 2008-09-14

Where is the data stored? I guess onto servers in the US?
That leads to the question: which data do you want to store there?
Or: which data do you want to allow the US agencies to read?

Is this a valid question or do I have a persecution complex? Does anyone care about that question?

Julian Buss, 2008-09-14

Julian, just follow the link and klick on FAQ. This will answer your questions.
For me, my answer is: No, I don't want to store my files there. Even if the files are encrypted, they actually have the key to decrypt my files without my permission. I prefere setting up my own backup and sharing server, but not everybody have the knowledge, time and money for doing so. For those people Dropbox is a great service, I think.

Christian Groß, 2008-09-14

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