Have you checked the iTunes visualizer recently?

by Volker Weber


Upgrade to iTunes 8. Play a track. Hit cmd-T and cmd-F. Be blown away.


I was about to say, this looks very similar to the Magnetosphere plug-in, but actually it IS Magnetosphere...

Traven Günther, 2008-09-14

yes - Apple, the ONE and ONLY!!

Anton Seissl, 2008-09-14

If only it would display fullscreen on my dual monitor setup :(

Sebastian Herp, 2008-09-14

Thanks for pointing us to this. In the past I did not use the visualization of I tunes at all, basicly since the arrival of FronRow. This may change now: looks especially impressive on a 42 inch LCD, let's say together with the new Metallica album :-D

Sascha Mohr, 2008-09-14

Might be just us crusty old Windows users but I get some large stark white circles and am guessing those should bve something a bit more artistically pleasing. Plus, I managed to crash iTunes once by resizing the windows. I tend not to watch my computer when listening to music so neither is a bit issue.

BTW: what are people's take on the risks of using "Genius" ?

Glen Salmon, 2008-09-14

iTunes (for Windows) isn't made for a dual monitor setup obviously. Not only does it block both monitors when switched to fullscreen mode in Visualizer or Coverflow, it strangely also needs much more CPU when it resides on the second screen.

Oliver Regelmann, 2008-09-14

Gorgeous. Now, how do you slam it out into a screensaver eh… ;o)

Ben Poole, 2008-09-14

Can't check it at work. But the Screenshot reminds me of good yeaaaaars-old Milkdrop for Winamp.

Stefan Opitz, 2008-09-15

Beautiful. I rarely use the visualiser but this may change.

Jonathan Lewis, 2008-09-15

There are some keys to control the visualizer: M - cycle render mode, L - toggle 3D movement, F - toggle freeze (all tested in Windows version). Did you find out more?

Dirk Oppelt, 2008-09-17

any idea why it makes my XP laptop crash?

Ps looks hot on my 50inch plasma, which is why i care...

Jake Dawson, 2008-11-11

What are the white circles, this would be awesome to fall asleep with on my 47" but the white spots are like a spot lights. WTF? any way to get rid of them?

Hans Waldenmaier, 2009-12-22

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