E71 autofocus easily overlooked

by Volker Weber

The Nokia E71 has autofocus, but it usually is not engaged. Which is a huge plus for regular photos. The depth of field is large enough to get nice shots without waiting for a slow autofocus. Shutter release is immediate. However, if you try a close-up, this is the result:

E71 photo without autofocus

Now, if you press "T" until the focus frame has turned green, the outcome is much nicer:

E71 photo with autofocus

Since the T-key sits nicely underneath the navigator and thus the shutter, this is working rather well for me. Yes, the phone needs dusting. But look at yours. ;-)


of course its dusting. you use mostly your mobile ;-)

Thorsten Ebers, 2008-09-15

@Thorsten: As we all know, vowe is not using mostly one mobile, but a lot of them at the same time. So it's really natural he doesn't have time left to use a normal land line phone. :-)

Dirk Steins, 2008-09-15

Omanomanomano... Volker, thanks! I was having a horrible time doing macro shots with the phone and could not understand how the focus was so far off. Thanks for the hint!

steven n fettig, 2008-09-15

Thanks for the tip. Now I have taken my first good macro shot with my E71.
Nice B&O phone you have there.

Finn Knudsen, 2008-09-16

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