iFriday iFun: rebranding exercises

by Volker Weber

Paul has an interesting FAQ:

Q: What is IBM® Lotus® iNotes™ ultralite?
A: With the 8.0.2 release, Lotus iNotes introduces is a new mode that has been introduced in IBM Lotus Domino Web Access (DWA) 8.0.2 software (will be renamed to Lotus iNotes in the 8.5 release)

I must admit, I lost track. I thought DWA had already come home. Apparently only the iPhone part has been christened iNotes, and Domino Web Access will follow in 8.5. My guess is that marketing did not want to call it "Web Access" because iNotes ultralite does not immediately suggest that this is a browser based solution, whereas Web Access does. You will find three different spellings for the product:

And one unintended one:

A: iLotus Notes ultralite currently supports Apple iPhone.

iLotus. WeLotus.


Im sure if this document was supposed to make it into the wild, it would of gone through the "blue rinse".

I think going back to iNotes is a good idea, but DWA brand held better then the "team workplace" brands

Paul Mooney, 2008-09-19

I am just jesting. IBM is known to go full circle on branding. And it is actually very hard to get all document inline. I think "Domino Web Access" was a good name. "Notes Web Acccess" would have even been better, if the Notes server would still be called Notes. "iNotes" does not make a lot of sense to me.

Volker Weber, 2008-09-19

iNotes is a sexier name than Domino Web Access - good that they are going back to it. (And iNotes gives the lot an Apple connotation... :-) )

Jan-Piet Mens, 2008-09-19

iKnow nothing anymore :)

Andy Brunner, 2008-09-19

They do this with all their product names. Go try to download Sametime and figure out which one you need based on the 18 different names that show up with NO description in the 'View Details' field.

I honestly believe this is one of their biggest flaws. No one knows what to call anything anymore.

Denny Russell, 2008-09-19

@Denny: hmm... would it not be "IBM iNstant iMessaging and iConferencing, formely known as Sametime also known as SameTime, to be rebranded in the release 9.i to iSametime"

Gregory Engels, 2008-09-19

Sadly, I'm a grammar geek. The FAQ skipped the editing process?

"Lotus iNotes introduces is a new mode"

It either "introduces" or it "is," but hopefully not both simultaneously...

Rob McDonagh, 2008-09-19

sorry, it should be spelled of cause "iBM"

Gregory Engels, 2008-09-19


Wow, that has some unfortunuate connotations.

iBM, better than just BM.

Craig Wiseman, 2008-09-19

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