Cisco to buy messaging software company Jabber Inc.

by Volker Weber

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc said on Friday it plans to buy privately held Jabber Inc, which specializes in instant messaging software, to bolster its own line of Internet-based communications products.

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well, doesn't this just make my day !

Glen Salmon, 2008-09-19

Seems like Cisco is on course to become a major player in the messaging space. I'm curious if they can end the Microsoft/IBM enterprise duopoly. Also interesting how Cisco will interact with the OpenSource community.
It gets interesting.
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2008-09-22

Which duopoly? Aren't there a few other players in the messaging space with a significant installed base?

Tom Holzapfel, 2008-09-22

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