Walking instructions in Google Maps Mobile

by Volker Weber

There is another feature I overlooked in the new version of Google Maps Mobile: walking instructions, in addition to driving instructions and "Transit" which lists public transportation in supported countries (Germany is not one of them).


This is again version 2.3.1 on my BlackBerry Bold.


pretty nice for someone (like me) who is orientationally challenged (geographically speaking, of course) and not able to find back to his car in another town.

Some bums you find loitering the streets of Paris are actually Germans that have lost their way back to their Mercedes years ago for exatly the same reason.

Great, that in the future this fate is spared to those who are not as daft (as me), to buy an iPhone instead of a BB.

Armin Roth, 2008-09-20

I am pretty sure this will come to the iPhone as well. Just need to wait for the next firmware release.

Volker Weber, 2008-09-20

@Armin: if in Paris, your car might be here or here faster than you can find your way back to where you left it :)

Samuel Orsenne, 2008-09-21

For the iPhone there's Take Me To My Car.

Oliver Regelmann, 2008-09-21

@Volker: it was always a bit more difficult to have good taste. And expensive.
@Oliver: Thanks, I am using my wife now. Navigation 2.0 plus a lot of social networking involved (you should hear the audio output, when I am trying to become follower of a local girl, even when it´s eyes only). She doesn´t need 3G, either. :-)

Armin Roth, 2008-09-21

on a more serious note: RIM needs to get their homework done. Market shares look like this currently: (changewave)

Armin Roth, 2008-09-21

@Armin, yes, but Navigation 2.0 has its faults too. In my experience, the system often errs, taking useless out-of-the-way detours. Sigh. I'm hoping for new firmware... ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2008-09-21

Seems as if the latest supported version on the E51 is :-(

Ragnar Schierholz, 2008-09-21

The E90 version is 2.2.1 only afaik. And that one either doesn't have the walking option or I am to blind to find it :) I doubt that though since I see the transit option, which is, as vowe pointed out already useless in Germany.

Johannes Matzke, 2008-09-22

S60 has not been updated yet.

Volker Weber, 2008-09-22

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