Nokia ditches business mobility solutions

by Volker Weber

Nokia announced that it plans to cease developing or marketing its own behind-the-firewall business mobility solutions. The appropriate technologies and expertise will be reallocated to Nokia's new consumer push e-mail service. Going forward, Nokia plans to form its enterprise solutions offering by combining Nokia devices and applications with software solutions from industry leading enterprise vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and others.

As a further step towards ensuring a clear focus on its core mobility business, Nokia is also announcing that it is in the advanced stages of discussions for the potential sale of its security appliances business to a financial investor.

Nokia renews vows with Microsoft, but also mentions IBM and Cisco.

It has been all but three years since Nokia aquired Intellisync, nee Pumatech, and five since SyncML pioneer Starfish (Traveler, wink wink). Now they are putting those behind Even given Nokia's great lead in the device space, I am not too confident with that part of the strategy. On the enterprise side, Nokia will deliver Microsoft and let others complete the portfolio (Lotus with Traveler in Domino 8.5). My understanding is that IBM has cut a new deal which makes it easier to ship.

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Maybe Nokia is dead without knowing it yet? HTC is the new Nokia and the iPhone takes far over 10% of the market. I am using my 9300i only as an alarm since over a year. ANd none of the newer models ever even caused me more than a yawn.

Armin Roth, 2008-09-29

The 9300i is pretty ancient now. And I am currently preferring the E71 to the BBB, iPhone and Treo Pro.

Volker Weber, 2008-09-29

Yes, I know, Volker, but it´s simply great as an alarm-clock :-).

By the way, I bought it (and it´s predecessor, the 9300) for a review here in

My 6310i (which I keep in my car´s dock) is ancient, but they still go for around 90€ new on ebay. Those things are cult.

My impression: Nokia´s lost it. Not because they´re bad, but because there´s a new kid on the block.

Armin Roth, 2008-09-30

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