CommonTime announces mSuite support for the new Nokia E71

by Volker Weber

CommonTime, with the release of its highly anticipated new corporate mobility solution mSuite5, has announced support for a range of highly desirable Nokia devices. The supported devices, all running on Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition Operating System, include the business dedicated Nokia E71, E61i and E90 Communicator. mSuite5 also supports Nokia N series devices, including the N96 and new N85, which although more focused on multimedia users still allow full access to Lotus Notes email and PIM applications when combined with mSuite from CommonTime.

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Even though some people will laugh at me, mSuite5 shows the Palm logo, but the Technical Specs specifically address Windows Mobile and Symbian. I guess my Treo will have to live with mNotes Desktop. *sigh*

Gregg Eldred, 2008-10-15

It would work well on the Treo Pro - now on WM 6.1...maybe you could upgrade?!

Holly Wilson, 2008-10-17

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