BlackBerry Storm too nervous

by Volker Weber

I cannot put it down without rotating the screen.


Interesting. Mine should be arriving today or tomorrow. Yesterday I was wondering about exactly this issue -- what the behavior would be if I placed the Storm down on the desk. Ugh.

Joe Litton, 2008-12-01

I can´t also. And the rotation is quite slow.....

I hope for the new firmware...

Oliver Barner, 2008-12-01

I would guess this "test" would yield different results on different surfaces and if the operator was left handed vs right handed. I will bve interesting to hear others' experience. Then again, who am I to talk. I bailed on the idea of getting the Storm on the very day it became available.

Glen Salmon, 2008-12-01

Just tried the same test with my iPhone 3G, and it is very difficult to trigger the orientation change when putting the device down. Even laying the device on its side edge first then laying flat doesn't trigger unless you pause for 0.5sec or so.

You have to question the testing that Blackberry did on the Storm before release. Seems as though these issues should have been picked up a long time ago.

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-12-01

Screen orientation is a difficult one for most providers it seems. I find it weird on my iPod Touch, mainly because many apps simply don't support it.

Nokia's latest batch of firmware has fixes for issues like this. Orientation of N95 is now massively improved and the E90 internal screen now switches much faster.

Ben Rose, 2008-12-01

Hmm I tried this on mine and it doesn't do that.

The first day I noticed that the phone had a problem with lagging, it seemed as if it would freeze all the time. So I looked this up online and notice that its one of the biggest complaints about the phone, but I found the trick to it, or the reason why it does this. Like all other blackberries, as you open applications and exit off of the apps using the end call button or back button, you're not actually removing the application from the blackberries memory. So make it a habit to close out of the application by selecting the menu button and selecting the last option "close" once your done working on the application. Since I've been doing this I haven't experienced any lagging or freezing.

Leo Peralta, 2008-12-03

Leo, what you describe is closing the application instead of putting it in the background. The Storm should be able to multitask and put apps in the background. I can only imagine that the priorities are not right yet.

It goes with my overall experience. This may one day be a great thing, but for now it needs to spend more time in testing and development.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-04

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