Reconsidering Physical Key Secrecy: Teleduplication via Optical Decoding

by Volker Weber

Our SNEAKEY system correctly decoded the keys shown in the above image that was taken from the rooftop of a four floor building. The inlay shows the image that was used for decoding while the background provides a context for the extreme distances that our system can operate from. In this case the image was taken from 195 feet. This demonstration shows that a motivated attacker can covertly steal a victim's keys without fear of detection. The SNEAKEY system provides a compelling example of how digital computing techniques can breach the security of even physical analog systems in the real-world.

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[Thanks, Frank]


I knew you would like this one. It made me think of all the photos on Flickr, Google Street View, and other places. Many faces are already blurred out. Car license plates, too. Will the whole photo eventually be blurred out? I hope not.

Frank Paolino, 2008-12-02

I understood that bump keys had rendered 99% of standard locks ineffective anyway? They require a lot less computing power too. Not really the point of this post, I know, but it does seem a bit like the proverbial sledgehammer...

John Ash, 2008-12-02

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