Sonos gear at 50% off

by Volker Weber

This is probably US only, but has some sweet Sonos deals at 50% off SRP for first generation gear:

All of this works in Europe on 230V/50Hz. You just need to (a) get it here and (b) replace the standard power cords.

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And the warranty is not transferrable, or at least it wasn't when I asked a year or so back.

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-12-02

I would not worry too much about warranty at this price point. And having some good acquaintances. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2008-12-02

while the deal looks great for the ZP100, fining one is the real challenge. It's in "in store" only promotion and I checked a few major areas and they all reported zero availability. Basically, they are clearing the little remaining in-store stock. Bummer, since I just joined the Sonos band-wagon and could use a few additional zones.

Glen Salmon, 2008-12-02

Ah. I thought this was mail order. Sorry for bothering you.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-02

The Best Buy offer was quite disappointing: Checking immediately for the BU130 with various stores across multiple states (e.g. NY, MI, SC, NC) revealed only (1) store with 2 boxes available - but after inquiring by telephone on availablity (for reservation) zero avaialblity was reported. So same expierence from Glen.

Torsten Otto, 2008-12-03

Turns out Best Buy has an "audiophile" spinoff call "Magnilia". Sonos is only carried but these specialty stores. Magnolia carries Sonos. However, the "returns" that Magnolia gets end up back at Best Buy stores. So all of the "deals" were actually returns and thus they were "in store only" and extremely limited - as Torsten and I discovered. I did finally find a BU130 bundle but it has no box, the wires were just a jumble and there were scratches and marks on all there components as if they had been sitting in the back seat of an old NY taxi for weeks. All in all it was a very bad marketing ploy - can any one say "bait and switch".

Glen Salmon, 2008-12-04

This clearly looks like WorstBuy. Sonos will be really happy that they are pissing off some potential customers.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-04

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