Sorry Storm, I failed you

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry Bold and Storm

I just removed my SIM from the Storm and put it back into the Bold. I promised to try out the Storm for a week, but I just could not. It's so great to have a real keyboard back, and that I no longer have to fight the accelerometer. Bliss.

The screen on the Storm is great. It lets you look at pictures, read long mails, show more program icons, etc. Things the iPhone does even better. A lot better. There are very few things the Storm does better than the iPhone, for instance swiping left and right to get to the next or previous message. In theory you have cut&paste, but I never used that. In theory, I could use A2DP to listen to music, but I never do that anyway.

The annoyances however where overwhelming. So the Storm goes back into the box until I have figured out whether we will run an in-depth review. For now, we broke up. Sorry, Storm.


I keep hearing "Storm vs iPhone" but for me it is "corporate email vs not". Since our corporate email is Domino, it pretty much mandates a blackberry. So I look at it as "big touch screen vs full keyboard" - the iPhone (as much as I like to idea) just isn't in the picture.

Glen Salmon, 2008-12-02

it pretty much mandates a blackberry

Don't beat me up because you have fewer choices than Exchange shops. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-12-02

Let's just hope IBM and Apple get that little issue sorted out in 2009. And not in Q4, please.

What I'd REALLY like to know: Has anybody ever looked at the ActiveSync connection in terms of security, like it was done with the BlackBerry stuff?

Joerg Michael, 2008-12-03

Glen, you also have Windows Mobile and Nokia options with Lotus Notes Traveler, and there is a pilot using iNotes and the iPhone.

Ed Brill, 2008-12-03

Ed - I've gone the WM route and the Nokia route. I have pondered revisiting these with Notes Traveler but the target devices I have are a bit long in the tooth. I think what I really need to do is throw the Blackberry in the hopper and not worry about any of it. If service coverage by any of the USA carries was decent in the transit areas I work, I would likely go with the service and then decide the device and technology. I think it's time to untether altogether :-)

Look for a fire burning on the beach next to the Dolphin & Swan - I'll be sending smoke signals to broadcast the track changes and repeat sessions at Lotusphere.

Glen Salmon, 2008-12-03

Congrats ! You tried it for a couple of days now, for me the trial only took 24hours. A colleague of mine was even better : He went back to his old BB before even getting to the enterprise activation. What a good laugh that was.

I already posted before : The OS version is not on a level I would have released it but there are other issues getting me back to the Bold :

- The ability to use the phone with one hand ( Is anyone able to use this SmartTap stuff ??? )

- Overall slowness

- The accelerometer is driving me crazy ( like you I guess )

BTW: There shall be a FW update out soon according Vodafone.

Oliver Barner, 2008-12-03

I know it doesn't scale particularly well to hundreds of users, and the security model is very different, but the iPhone mail works well for me when connected to a Domino server using IMAP.

I wouldn't want to use it across my entire user base but, for a handful of execs, it's at least an option.

Ben Rose, 2008-12-03

Hi Volker,

Heise Newsticker just reported the first update for the Blackberry Storm.

Nicolai Reuschling, 2008-12-05

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